Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Like My Movie?

So far this is the most interesting of the reading and a topic that, believe it or not, I absolutely love. I even took a class about it in undergrad. So when everyone in class, including our professor, groaned at the topic, I actually smiled. I like it for many reasons, but one is that I remember the time before digital music. I can remember like it was yesterday, coming home from school and turning on my stereo. Yep, I said stereo. With tape deck. And to then sit around and wait forever for your favorite songs to come on and press record. You'd stop the tape after that last song and record another one, with clips of Casey Kasem in between. A mixed tape could easily take weeks to make. And the funny thing is, everyone would label their tapes and share with friends. But after a few copies were made and passed along, the distortion was so bad it sounded terrible. But you know what? Those days were awesome and nobody cared. I think the only difference today, besides the technology of course, is the fact that people can make money now. Nobody could make money off of mixed tapes, so the wolves stayed away. But here they are.

And after watching that movie in class, I had a question. What would happen if I took that movie, downloaded it into my editing software, shot my own personal on camera commentary, edited that on the end and then called it my movie? Is that similar to what our author was talking about????

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