Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Introduction/COM 530 Post

Greetings and salutations. A bit about myself...

I am originally from South Carolina (stop me if you've heard this) and currently reside in Apex, NC with my wife Lauren and baby girl Taylor (we also have a cat named Hootie). I absolutely love the town of Apex and the Raleigh area in general. I don't foresee myself moving anywhere anytime soon, so whatever I do after I graduate will have to involve staying here. I moved a lot before settling in Apex, so it is nice to finally plant some roots.

I started my broadcasting career as a part time teleprompter operator for the morning show at the CBS affiliate in Augusta, GA many moons ago. As I found from the cool website that Prof. Walsh showed us in class today, they didn't even have a website when I started. However, I quickly fell in love with television and anything television related. That position I held was truly as entry level as they came and I really wanted to climb through the ranks. So I came in on my days off to learn different positions, I taught myself how to edit (pre-computers, mind you) and pretty much did anything I could to learn all that I could. I was promoted a few times before finally becoming a News Videographer, where I shot all the footage for different newscasts. I absolutely loved it and stayed as long as I could, which was when I felt I needed to move to higher markets to learn better skillsets. So, I moved to the Fox affiliate in Greenville, SC/Asheville, NC, and then on to the WB affiliate in Raleigh, NC. I then became the Director of Promotions for the WB affiliate in Greensboro, NC and knew by then that I had a nice little career on my hands. It was about this time I felt bad about not having a degree, so for some reason that is still a little hazy, I left my job to return to school full time at UNCG and graduated with a BA in Media Studies/Media Management. I freelanced professional videos the entire time I was in undergrad, which is what brings me here to Elon. All of my clients are starting to ask about Interactivity and how they can become a part of that world. Until now, I couldn't really help them and was losing out on money. This program will allow me to communicate to them what they need, and to then find the help I need to get it done. I also teach Media Management and Video Production to community college students, and again, this program will help me incorporate interactive material and to also teach at a higher level.

Being a good manager involves becoming involved and knowing what all of your employees are not only capable of, but are tasked with as an employee. Since the world of media is headed in the digital world, it's my job as a good manager to be able to talk to and relate to the employees that will be producing it day in and day out. I am both clueless and terrified with some of the material we have so far been introduced to, but like anything else I encounter, I will have a positive attitude about it and learn as much as I can.


  1. And you speak French, and Chrome helpfully and insistently offers to translate even your English-language posts on this blog into English for me.

  2. Ah! That was my futile attempt at sounding smart as I indeed do not speak French. You saw right through that one. Damn Chrome.